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Robin Del Castillo




Hi! my name is : Robin Del Castillo.I was born in Cali" Colombia' in 1978,one of my passions is for music I used to dream about music, since i was 6 or 7 years old, the place i'm coming from, is the place where you can be listening,playing or dancing any kind of music, and to be honest i love it because for me is very easy to sing any kind of style, but, i'm more involved with a latin tropical music, like salsa, merengue, cumbia,bachata,reggaeton, or latin pop.

salsalogo In the city of Cali by 1990, there was an amateur program for people who love music, "in my case singing was always my passion",in 1994, with the age of 15, i decided to participate in this program to show my self in front of the camera and the big crown which every friday was making part of that program. once i went there i started to get calls from many salsa bands in cali, from that moment i started to make part of many well know band's in the town, like: sol naciente, cali sabor,the metropolitan police band where did my military service, los gomelos, the merengue band,and matecana orchestra and many more.
I had the chance to visit many countries like: Ecuador,Peru,Venezuela, Spain, Italy, France, and England. In 2001 in the city of London,i decided to take my base for work and start a new life stile. From 2001 , i have the pleasure to meet Mr. Roberto pla, which is one of the most ell know bands in the uk.
After couple of months i became Robin del Castillo, i made my own band in London, recording 3 tropical albums where i have been playing all along this 7 years in the most well know salsa clubs, events and festivals and english places, apart of that we have been in countries like: Spain, Italy,Suiza,Dubai,Cyprus, and many more.
Right now i'm about to release my new album with 10 songs. 8 of that songs are mine i made the lyrics and the melody of each of my songs, and the other 2 are very well know songs in the romantic places, but i changed them to salsa.
Robin is guest singer  in Bar Salsa ! some Thursday's ,with Latin Krazy, Cubana, hotel Hilton,Sugar bar,many latin places like: La pollera,Tropicana ,Havana. and many private parties, weddings, birthdays,Embassies like Panama, Australia, Peru, Mexico, Etc.... Festivals: like el 20 de julio, Carnaval de pueblo, Salisbury, and many more.
Robin  Del Castillo is available for private parties, corporate functions, festivals etc..

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Robin del castillo, Pa' Mi Tierra.
Robin del Castillo .I have done this new Video my self,this one is making part of my new album call : Pa" Mi Tierra,song that i wrote more than 2 years ago, and has been recorded this year with Lond...