Karin, Miss Latin K
Latin Krazy London UK 

Salsa Dance Teacher / Promoter / Manager
The founder of Latin Krazy,
I wanted to have a team of teachers that are diverse in their styles, and teaching,  and are good with people, and with this team I have achieved that.”

A teacher and promoter now for 20 years, I love teaching Salsa,
I remember being a student and the buzz I got out of each class, I've  got a passion for Salsa dancing and now want to pass it on. Not only is great to dance but  also keeps you fit and you make a lot of friends, many of my closest friends are all from my work in the Salsa scene.

My first Salsa congress in Washington DC really opened my eyes, they really know their stuff and have such fun with dancing,  to watch  dancers from all over the world come together was great but especially the Latino dancers as they dance with heart and soul ,  we are at least 5 years behind here, I learnt not to care about people watching but to be in the dance and just hear the music , from then I have loved every single minute.
I  have since danced in many countries around the world from Paris to Madrid , Hong Kong and Brasil,  Italy, Cuba, Mexico , Dominican Republic, Eygpt and more.

Karin has taught Salsa dancing in London mainly at such places as Pineapple studios, Bar Cuba , Bar Salsa soho and Bar Salsa Temple 
Havana  Central, Little Havana, The Chapel Bar, name a few. Karin has also managed shows such as Exotica and many club nights,
I have worked with most of the top salsa artists in London, and also Lambada, and Samba performers,( from a whole samba school at DTPM's Birthday Bash,) Cafe De Paris, Emporium, Promoting Corona in Ibiza,

46552 1487906871163 1038678939 31417589 1322433 sPlus work as an extra in numerous films, involving Salsa dancers, Also was part of the BBC1  Salsa ident. Notting Hill Carnival 2010.

I love the whole Latin Scene , as part of my work I am manager at Salsa ! and one of my jobs is to bring the best Latin entertainment to the club, be it Dj's , Live Bands or Dance Shows, We have a multitude of talent in the UK.

I love all the dances and music with Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Cumbia
Vallenato and Reggaeton. I was lucky enough to travel around Colombia and experience many types of music and dance.
my new found love is Bachata from Dominican Republic , 
we now have classes on Thursdays for this amazing style , 
I have travelled to DR to dance and to Dominican Congresses, plus been involved in bachata paradise holidays taking groups to the Dr to learn and dance ..
also now part of Sabor dance Holidays to Majorca ,which are great,,
I am still at Bar Salsa Soho on Saturdays and the new Bar Salsa Temple on Thursdays, 20 years and still going strong ,,
I feel very blessed,,

"Walk In  , Dance Out "

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contact number 07801305059

Karin Oliver