Sponsor A
Christmas Present 
For the Children
of Colombia

Hi everyone ,

The day was amazing, filled with joy and lots of love, the children and Padre Ben send you many thank you´s and love.
The home is looking to be independent in two years time, I will be organising events and collections every so often to support them.
once again THANK YOU !

As you know I visited Colombia this year in May , and was fortunate enough to travel around and see lots of places.   SEE VIDEOS AND PHOTOS ON MY FACEBOOK PAGE ..!!
I was looked after by amazing people out there , old friends and new friends.
One of the places I was introduced to was a Childrens home , run by Father can see the photos on the link attached.I went out for day to play with the kids and teach a salsa class to everyone, It was a very special day as it was also Father Ben's Birthday.
I was overwhelmed at the love and laughter of the kids there, even when they have very little compared to children here.

The Christmas Visit
So this was the day that I went back to bring the amazing gifts that we bought in Colombia with the money you gave to sponsor the Xmas presents, The children had a fabulous day as we arrived I was met with hugs and kisses by those that remembered me. Then we had cakes and sweets , crisps and drinks to get the party started , I was accompanied by the lovely Nubia, Miguel and David Rios , and of course Josh plus more of the family who all helped immensely.
After the cakes and drinks Padre Ben arrived and the presents were given out to each child,as their names were called joy filled the home and i really can't explain how it felt but there was so much love and happiness. Some of the older children were away at work.
The children loved all the gifts and played straight away or went to change into the new clothes that we bought the older teenagers.
Then we called out the names once more to hand out the cards that you had sent with me to the children , every child had a card , and a lot of fun was had as the cards were translated and read out. These cards are now displayed beneath a glass top table for all to see the love and kind wishes you sent ..
After all this Padre was eager to show us the work he was doing to make the home independent and so we toured the property.
They are growing their own food , with vegetables and fruits , plus tomatoes in a greenhouse, with a river they can catch fish , and have cows for milk also.
The next plan is to grow enough coffee to package , market and sell.
we suggested a small shop and coffee shop in San Gil .. The home looks to be fully independent in 2 years.
we all then went onto the waterfalls to cool down and play , this was one of the best days i have ever had.
The home is filled with children that laugh and play and appreciate all that they have , but mostly they love and look out for each other like a huge family.
Many come and go and many will grow up here, these are the lucky ones , Parde Ben tell us proudly how some are going to university , I am so happy to have met them all , with your support I will continue to help and send gifts etc ..
Thank You ..

Karin . Latin Krazy !